May 14 - 15, 2021, Central Michigan University, Mount Pleasant, MI
Format: Online
Industry Sessions
Industry Session
Saturday, May 15, 2021
11:00 AM

Lisa Zyonse
Senior Engineer
Consumers Energy

Reducing Wasted Energy Generation with Conservation Voltage Reduction
Conservation Voltage Reduction (CVR) has various use cases for providing innovative opportunities to provide reliable energy while also saving money and reducing overall carbon footprint. CVR optimizes the energy delivered onto the electric distribution grid by utilizing "smart" devices along its path throughout each Feeder. Data is incorporated from not only Advanced Meter Infrastructure (AMI) system as well as from the "smart" distribution devices, but also from historical loads on the Feeder and even weather conditions during the deployment of CVR on each Feeder. This data provides additional support for determining the Feeders that may experience the greatest benefit from CVR, as well as ensuring the voltage levels delivered to the customers are within the ANSI C84.1 standard and the steps needed to correct potential frequent voltage deviations outside of that ANSI standard. This presentation will provide an overview of CVR, focusing on its application within the Consumers Energy electric distribution grid, along with the benefits and challenges faced during the initial pilot and subsequent rollout of CVR.

Lisa Zyonse is a Senior Engineer at Consumers Energy, where she focuses on researching new, advancing technology to further enhance the electric grid. Recipient of the Company's "Leave it Better Award", Lisa leads a team of engineers on an energy waste reduction project that will result in cost benefits for both the Company and customer, as well as minimize the Company's carbon emissions footprint by 2030. Throughout the nine years with Consumers Energy, she has gained insightful knowledge and experience working across high voltage and low voltage distribution systems, as well as spending time roaming the dusty floors of a coal-powered generating plant. Lisa brings an energetic perspective to the way the Company moves forward on its path towards providing cleaner energy.