EIT 2019

Session M3 - Cyber Security
Date: Tuesday, May 21, 2019
Time: 1:15 PM -3:15 PM
Location: 271
Chair:Yong Wang
1. Closed-loop Directly Printable Humidity Sensor Tag (025)
Nimra Tariq, Javeria Anum Satti, Yasar Amin, Hannu Tenhunen
2. CARVE: A Scientific Method-Based Threat Hunting Hypothesis Development Model (032)
Kevin Wafula, Yong Wang
3. Detection of the False Data Injection Attack in the Home Area Networks using ANN (053)
Zakaria El Mrabet, Daisy Flora Selvaraj, Prakash Ranganathan
4. RF Exploitation and Detection Techniques using Software Defined Radio: A Survey (095)
Martin Pozniak, Debanjan Sadhukhan, Prakash Ranganathan
5. Linux Security: A Survey (097)
Matthew Yaswinski, Md Chowdhury, Mike Jochen
6. A survey on Cyber Security Threats and Challenges in Modern Society (139)
Israt Jahan, Sayeed Sajal, Kendall Nygard