EIT 2019

Session IIIA1 - Nanotechnology
Date: Monday, May 20, 2019
Time: 3:45 PM -5:45 PM
Location: 262
Chair:Robert McTaggert
1. Characterization of the response of Perovskite solar cells to gamma rays and neutrons (141)
Robert McTaggart, Ryan Michel, Qiquan Qiao, Ashish Dubey, Khan Mamun Reza, Mukesh Mithrakumar
2. Modeling of charge transfer in mesoscopic perovskite solar cells by considering a trap-assisted interface (099)
Behzad Bahrami, Rajesh Pathak, Ashraful Haider Chowdhury, Khan Mamun Reza, Ke Chen, Sally Mabrouk, Ahmed Ali El-magrous, Qiquan Qiao
3. Capacity Revival of Tungsten trioxide Anode Material in Lithium-Ion Battery (127)
Rajesh Pathak, Ke Chen, Behzad Bahrami, tawabur rahman, Huitian Lu, Yue Zhou, Qiquan Qiao