EIT 2019

Session IIIA4 - Distributed Data Fusion & Mining
Date: Wednesday, May 22, 2019
Time: 9:45:00 AM To 12:00:00 PM
Location: 255
Chair:Hua Tang
1.Multilingual Cyberbullying Detection System (018)Rohit Pawar, Rajeev R. Raje
2.Parallelizing FluidC, a Community Finding Algorithm (046)Christian Trefftz, Ronald Rounsifer, Jerry Scripps
3.Prediction Model Using Recurrent Neural Networks (107)Israt Jahan, Sayeed Sajal, Kendall Nygard
4.Nearest-neighbor-intersection algorithm for identifying strong predictors using high-dimensional data (116)Arighna Roy, Anne Denton
5.Internet of Things Device Hardening Using Shodan.io and ShoVAT: A Survey (104)Jacob Rae, Md Chowdhury, Mike Jochen