EIT 2019

Session IIIA2 - Intelligent & Multiagent Control Systems
Date: Monday, May 20, 2019
Time: 3:45:00 PM To 5:45:00 PM
Location: 253C
Chair:Marco Ciarcia
1.Counter UAS Solutions Through UAV Swarm Environments (096)Martin Pozniak, Prakash Ranganathan
2.Deep Deterministic Policy Gradients with Transfer Learning Framework in StarCraft Micromanagement (115)Dong Xie, Xiangnan Zhong
3.Thermal Simulation of a CubeSat (123)Abdelrahman Raslan, Marco Ciarcia, Gregory Michna
4.Multivehicle Simultaneous Parking Using A Genetic Algorithm Approach (153)Vincent Winstead
5.Chebyshev Vandermonde-like Measurement Matrix Based Compressive Spectrum Sensing (014)youness arjoune, Naima Kaabouch
6.Performance Evaluation of Adaptive Traffic Control Algorithms with Real Traffic Data for Future Measure of Effectiveness (MOE) (045)Muhammad Hasan, Rainer Fink, Edwin Barrera, Luis Carrasco