EIT 2019

Session IIA2 - Computer Vision
Date: Monday, May 20, 2019
Time: 1:15:00 PM To 3:15:00 PM
Location: 271
Chair:Vivek Varma
1.Mixed-Reality Aided System for Glioblastoma Resection Surgery using Microsoft HoloLens (027)Khaoula Belhaj Soulami, Elias Ghribi, Yassin Labyed, Mohamed Nabil Saidi, Ahmed Tamtaoui, Naima Kaabouch
2.Breast Cancer: Segmentation of Mammograms using Invasive Weed Optimization and SUSAN algorithms (028)Khaoula Belhaj Soulami, Elias Ghribi, Mohamed Nabil Saidi, Ahmed Tamtaoui, Naima Kaabouch
3.Reducing the Large Class Code Smell by Applying Design Patterns (140)Bayan Turkistani, Yi Liu
4.Comparing classification accuracy of NDVI with DEM derived attributes using multi-scalar approach in Geographic Information Systems (072)Rahul Gomes, Anne Denton, David Franzen
5.Use of Computer Vision for White Line Detection for Robotic Applications (136)Rodi Murad, Andrew Jones, Jeremy Straub