EIT 2019

Session IA3 - Computer Vision
Date: Monday, May 20, 2019
Time: 9:45:00 AM To 11:45:00 AM
Location: 260
Chair:Ashish Dubey
1.Comparative study of fitness function in genetic algorithm for optimal site allocation using Lidar (073)Rahul Gomes, Anne Denton, Jeremy Straub
2.Home Surveillance System using Computer Vision and Convolutional Neural Network (075)Xin Zhang, Won-Jae Yi, Jafar Saniie
3.Design Flow of Single Camera Motion Estimation Using GPU Accelerators (056)Guojun Yang, Jafar Saniie
4.qSMF: an Approximate Algorithm for Quorum Planted Motif Search on ChIP-Seq Data (119)Hasnaa Al-Shaikhli, Elise de Doncker