EIT 2019

Session IA1 - Power Systems & Power Electronics
Date: Monday, May 20, 2019
Time: 9:45:00 AM To 11:45:00 AM
Location: 253C
Chair:Tim Hansen
1.Monte Carlo Analysis of High Penetration Residential Solar Voltage Impacts using High Performance Computing (087)Kapil Duwadi, Aravind Ingalalli, Timothy M. Hansen
2.Independent Energy Storage Systems can Minimize Uncertainty of Profit for Retailers in ISO Market (108)Harun Or Rashid Howlader, Homeyra Akter, Ahmed Yousuf Saber, Paras Madal, Narayanan Krishna, Tomonobu Senjyu
3.Sustainability Metrics for Inverter-based Voltage Regulation Methods in PV-rich Low Voltage Grids (121)Kapil Duwadi, Robert Fourney, Reinaldo Tonkoski, Timothy M. Hansen
4.Load Profile Based Electricity Consumer Clustering Using Affinity Propagation (128)Ahmad Khaled Zarabie, Sahar Lashkarbolooki, Sanjoy Das, Kumarsinh Jhala, Anil Pahwa
5.Classification of Electricity Load Profile Data and The Prediction of Load Demand Variability (084)Rashedul Haq, Zhen Ni
6.Localized Application of High Impedance Fault Isolation in a Multi-Tap Electrical Power Distribution System (154)Timothy M. O'Regan