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Engineering 21st Century Electro/Information Technology Systems: Solutions and Challenges

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Final Papers

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Communications 1
Date: Thursday August 26, 2004
Time:  8:00  To  9:45 am
Chair: Dr. Hossein Mousavinezhad
Location: Todd Wehr Conference Center
1.Diagonalizer for Correlated or Unbalanced Diversity Branches in Rayleigh or Rician Fading Channels and Wireless Communication Susan Vasana, Peter McLane
2.Improved Link Establishment for HF Modems Venkat Anant
3.A Minimum Phase Space Distance Method for the Demodulation of M-ary Chaotic Parameter Modulation Huawei Ruan, Edwin Yaz
4.Chaotic-Pulse-Position Modulation: A Third Party Intrusion Scheme Using Kalman Filter Franck Hounkpevi, Edwin Yaz
5.Frame-Based Iterative Channel Estimation Using Data Symbols of Space-Time Block Codes Bashir Morshed, Behnam Shahrrava
6.Error Correction Coding for a Serial Digital Multi-Gigabit Communication System David Carney, Edward Chandler
7.Real-Time Communication for Motorists Using Ad Hoc Network Jami Montgomery
Signal Processing 1
Date: Thursday August 26, 2004
Time:  1:30  To  3:15 pm
Chair: Dr. Hamid Vakilzadian
Location: Todd Wehr Conference Center
1.Lossless Wavelet Compression for Telemammography Ikhlas Abdel-Qader, Nethrie Nithianandan, Lori Bruce, Aparna Venkataraman, Damon Miller
2.Harmonic Analysis Vladimir Clue
3.Imaging of Electromagnetic Waves for Bridge Deck Evaluation Saleh Nabulsi, Sherif Yehia, Osama Abudayyeh, Ikhlas Abdel-Qader, Dennis Randolph
4.A Novel Chaotic Watermarking Scheme for MP3 Audio Signal Huawei Ruan, Edwin Yaz
5.A Versatile Q-Band Electron Paramagnetic Resonance Spectrometer Theodore Camenisch, Joseph Ratke, Robert Strangeway, James Hyde
6.Evolving Stability in Bipedal Robotic Systems Christopher Comer, Ralph Tanner
7.Multi-Output Passive Digital Filters H. Kwan
Software Engineering and Computer Science 1
Date: Thursday August 26, 2004
Time:  3:30  To  5:15 pm
Chair: Dr. Steve Barnick
Location: Todd Wehr Conference Center
1.A Unit Test Architecture That Traces Variables of Javascript Programming Peter Chang
2.A Maintenance Information System for Rural Municipalities Osama Abudayyeh, Taimoor Khan, Sherif Yehia, Dennis Randolph, Joanna Johnson
3.Methods of Reverse Engineering and Data Transformation in Determining the Multiplicities of Associations in Object- Oriented Modeling for Database Applications Peter Chang
4.Software Infrastructure for Prototyping Evolving Manufacturing Control Architectures Z. Pasek, B. Tewari, S. Marker
5.Embedded Computing in Action: Using a JStamp to Control a DCC Locomotive Aaron Siebersma, Hans Dulimarta
6.A Model Based Data Normalization Technique for Improving Performance of Engine Misfire Detection Algorithms A. Alkhateeb, M. Das
7.Experience of User Interface and Application Development on Handheld Devices Meghna Singh, Golnaz Rahmatabadi, Sheikh Ahamed
Signal Processing 2
Date: Friday August 27, 2004
Time:  8:00  To  9:45 am
Chair: Dr. Russ Meier
Location: Todd Wehr Conference Center
1.Linear Structure Modeling and PCA Algorithm for Bridge Crack Detection Ikhlas Abdel-Qader, Kawshif Ahmed, Osama Abudayyeh
2.Video Frame Rate Up Conversion Using Region Based Motion Compensation Jinsong Wang, Nilesh Patel, William Grosky
3.Real-Time Adaptive Digital Image Watermarking Swathi Vadde, Abhinav Agarwal, Subramaniam Ganesan
4.On-Line and Non-Invasive Fetal Sound Analysis Vivek Nigam, Roland Priemer
5.Minimum Variance Estimator Design for Systems with Quadratic Nonlinearities Tongyan Zhai, Edwin Yaz, Huawei Ruan
6.High Dielectrics in Microwave Cavities Jason Sidabras, Richard Mett, James Hyde
Software Engineering and Computer Science 2
Date: Friday August 27, 2004
Time:  10:00  To  11:45 am
Chair: Dr. Steve Barnicki
Location: Todd Wehr Conference Center
1.Using Computer Graphics as a Vehicle for Teaching Software Engineering Concepts Henry Welch
2.A Round Robin Algorithm for an Embedded Electronic Battery Equalizer A. Hande, T. Stuart
3.Improving Software Quality Using Comparative Metrics John Wei, Venkat Alladi
4.Real Time Monitoring and Quality Control of Resistance Spot Welds Using Voltage, Current, and Force Data D. Subramanian, G. Dongarkar, M. Das, V. Fernandez, G. Grzadzinsky
5.Multi-Agent Autonomous Pilot for Motorcycles Dana Vrajitoru, Russel Mehler
6.How to Increase Defect Detection Rate Hai Tao Sun
7.Using a Web Service, Mobile Device and Low-Cost Robot to Teach Computer Science and Engineering Abraham Howell, David Sersen
Communications 2
Date: Friday August 27, 2004
Time:  1:30  To  3:15 pm
Chair: Dr. Haitao Sun
Location: Todd Wehr Conference Center
1.Cross-Layer Design of a Dynamic Resource Allocation Control for 3GPP2 1xEV-DV Systems Mohamed Bourouha, Ikhlas Abdel-Qader
2.Compensating Channel Fading in Blind Multiuser Detection for DS-CDMA Communication David Overbye, Roland Priemer
3.On Complete Security and Privacy with the Secure Email Transport Protocol Michael LeMay, Jack Tan
4.Discrete-Time Nonlinear Observer Design with General Criteria Edwin Yaz, Chung Seop Jeong, Adil Bahakeem
5.On the Effect of Traffic Model to the Performance Evaluation of Multicast Protocols in MANET Tariq Omari, Greg Franks, Murray Woodside
6.Interoperability and Capacities of Coexisting W-CDMA and CDMA2000 3rd-Generation Wireless Cellular Systems Rajeeven Chandrasekaran, Edward Chandler
7.A Linear Log-MAP Algorithm for Turbo Decoding over AWGN Channels Shahram Talakoub, Behnam Shahrrava
Signal Processing 3
Date: Friday August 27, 2004
Time:  3:30  To  5:15 pm
Chair: Dr. Steve Reyer
Location: Todd Wehr Conference Center
1.Segmentation Via Annealed Motion Estimates Ikhlas Abdel-Qader, Tomislav Bujanovic
2.Speech Processor for Implantable Cochlear Stimulator P. Ramaiah, K. Sandhya, D. Manohar
3.Demonstration of AC and DC Motors and Drives In a University Classroom Environment Dudley Outcalt
4.Real-Time Edge Detection Using TMS320C6711 DSP Ikhlas Abdel-Qader, Marie Maddix
5.Validation of Color-Enhanced Composite Lung Images SuChin Chen Coutre, Martha Evens, Samuel Armato III


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